Our Services

We provide a wide range of public relations services, including:

  • corporate communications
  • product publicity and promotions
  • trade and consumer relations
  • employee and community relations
  • event sponsorships
  • crisis communications
  • public affairs counseling

In all of our work, we team with our clients to set objectives, formulate strategies, determine a realistic budget, and then manage and execute the program.

Crisis Communications

We are regularly called upon by clients facing crises, whether it be product recall, false accusations, lawsuits, high profile divorces, labor issues and more. Although we make it a policy not to discuss who we represent because of the nature of the issues involved, we are committed to handling such matters with great discretion, often working closely with general counsel and outside law firms. It is our policy to always remember that the best interests of our clients in such situations are served by our name not appearing in the media, even though it could be a great benefit to our business. References are available regarding our work in this area.